Beyond the 401(k) is an essential guide to Cash Balance Plans, and a highly valuable tool for advisors who want grow their retirement plan businesses. This book explains and educates; it is both practical and technically correct. The book walks the reader through the right way to set up and operate a Cash Balance Plan, and gives practical answers to the questions often asked. The lessons in this book should be committed to memory, since they are the keys to successfully working with business owners and professionals.”

– Fred Reish, ERISA Attorney,
Nationally acclaimed retirement plan expert recognized as "The 401(k) Industry's Most Influential Person"

Beyond the 401(k) simplifies the discussion of Cash Balance Plan issues and opportunities with an approachability and insight that is grounded in deep experience. It is a valuable resource for financial professionals.”

– E. Thomas Foster Jr.,
JD Vice President and National Spokesperson for The Hartford's retirement plans

“This book is an indispensable guide for wealth managers and financial advisors. It's packed with useful ideas, strategies and concrete examples of how Cash Balance Plans can make a tremendous impact on your clients' businesses as well as your own. The authors provide simple and clear explanations, demystifying these complex plans, so you'll feel confident presenting the concept to clients. I've been able to help many clients dramatically improve their overall retirement planning and accelerate pre-tax savings.

“If you intend to be regarded as an expert in the area of retirement plans, this book is essential to your practice.”

– Todd Feltz, President, Feltz WealthPLAN,
Barron's Top 100 Independent Advisors in America

“You can't afford not to read this book. Dan Kravitz and his team will open your eyes and change your thinking about retirement and tax planning opportunities. If you're not already introducing Cash Balance Plans to your clients, they may be missing out on one of the best tax savings and retirement vehicles around today.

Beyond the 401(k) is the clearest and most helpful explanation of Cash Balance Plans I've read. It offers a complete roadmap to growing your business using these unique tax-favored hybrid plans, written by a national leader who is backed by a team of sophisticated technical professionals.”

– David Roberts, CPA,
Managing Partner RBZ Certified Public Accountants & Strategic Business Consultants

“The knowledge and tools in this book have opened many new doors for my TPA firm. There is simply no more powerful tool for saving a large amount of federal taxes and accumulating enormous amounts of savings for retirement in a short period of time, on a tax-deductible basis, than by using a Cash Balance Plan.

“To TPA and CPA practices everywhere who don't have the expertise in-house, learning from this book and partnering with Kravitz is your answer to tapping into successful business owners.”

– Tom Lastuvka, QKA, Co-founder Qualified Plan Consultants