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What you'll learn by reading Beyond the 401(k):

  • The 10 biggest retirement mistakes your high net worth clients are making, and how to use Cash Balance Plans to fix them
  • How to win new 401(k) and wealth management business by leveraging Cash Balance Plan sales
  • How Cash Balance Plans make a major impact on your clients' long-term financial security
  • The 7 key investment principles for Cash Balance Plan assets
  • How Cash Balance Plans help attract and retain top talent
The more you know about Cash Balance Plans, the better you'll be able to serve key high income professionals, business owners and their employees.

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Chapter 3 – Winning the War for Talent:
How Cash Balance Plans Change the Game

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“Now more than ever, the quality of company-sponsored retirement plans plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining first-rate talent. For many high income professionals, retirement plans are one of the most important sources of wealth accumulation. And for some companies, retirement plans can be the single greatest source of tax benefits. Consequently, any organization that wants to win the war for talent must have a highly competitive retirement package.”

Beyond the 401(k)